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When we look good on the outside, we feel the same on the inside. Our personality depends upon a lot of factors. So it is not just our clothes or shoes, but also our skin and hair that play a very significant role in how presentable we look. As much money as we invest in our apparel and accessories, we should also be investing same energy, time and money in our hair and skin also. Don’t we all love the feeling of a good hair day and flawless glowing skin, which looks good even without any makeup?

But herein lays the problem. Despite using various cosmetic products, we all struggle with our skin and hair. Also, many people do not feel satisfied with certain facial features and body parts. Cosmetic and facial plastic surgery has been growing immensely in popularity because all the cosmetic and facial plastic procedures are increasingly becoming non- invasive & Risk Free. Over the years, the best facial plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the world have been working to make cosmetic procedures easier, more predictable and non- invasive. All over India, in some of the best hospitals and clinics, dedicated cosmetic and facial plastic departments and experts surgeons are present who perform cosmetic surgery on the patients. The need for better cosmetic treatments and maxillofacial facilities in India arises because India is one of the countries with highest number of maxillofacial trauma injuries annually. Maxillofacial surgery is a complicated group of surgeries performed to restore the function as well as the cosmetic aspects of the face. Maxillofacial trauma is one of the top reasons because of which maxillofacial surgery is performed in India. To a very large extent, there is an enigma associated with maxillofacial surgery in India. Maxillofacial surgery is a special branch of surgery which exclusively deals with defects and injuries of the face, jaws, head and neck. Only surgeons who undergo a strenuous fellowship can perform maxillofacial surgeries. The fellowship for maxillofacial surgery makes the doctor proficient in dealing with the intense nature of the injuries that take place due to maxillofacial trauma. Maxillofacial surgery requires much more than just the basic knowledge of the facial structure. A maxillofacial surgeon also needs to be an expert in providing the best cosmetic outcome after treatment of the maxillofacial injuries because most maxillofacial injuries cause severe distortion of the facial features.

At Plastic surgery Mumbai, you will get the best surgeon for all your cosmetic and facial plastic procedures. Plastic surgery Mumbai is an endeavor of Dr. Debraj Shome, who is a specialist facial plastic surgeon to provide information on best cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for all patients from India. Dr. Shome himself is a world renowned facial plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries in his career. He also has co- founded The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai and Hyderabad, India where all types of facial plastic and cosmetic procedure are performed by the best surgeons. If you are looking for the best hospital or clinic for your cosmetic surgery do not look any further. Almost all types of facial plastic and cosmetic surgeries are performed at The Esthetic Clinics by the best surgeon in India. Dr. Shome is a consultant to some of the best hospitals in Mumbai like the Breach Candy hospital, Apollo Spectra hospital, Saifee hospital, Raheja Fortis hospital and Nanavati hospital. He is one of the few top doctors of India who has multiple fellowships and a super specialty in oculoplastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, head &neck surgery and maxillofacial surgery.

At Plastic Surgery Mumbai there is a diverse portfolio consisting of variety of procedures and expert surgeons who perform such surgeries. Dr. Shome is amongst the top surgeons of India and with Dr. Rinky Kapoor, he has co- founded The Esthetic Clinics. At The Esthetic Clinics almost all types of cosmetic procedures are performed. From Botox for fine facial lines to procedures like Rhinoplasty, face lifts etc. all the cosmetic and facial surgeries are performed by the best surgeons in India. At The Esthetic Clinics, Dr. Shome performs some of the most complex cosmetic and facial plastic surgery cases. Dr. Shome & Dr. Kapoor are the top surgeons who are experts and super- specialists.

Plastic Surgery Mumbai provides an array of cosmetic & aesthetic procedures depending upon your requirements. If you want an expert opinion of a surgeon on the condition of your skin and what cosmetic or facial plastic procedure would be suitable for you, then you should come to Plastic Surgery Mumbai. Plastic surgery Mumbai offers a wide range of procedures and services which can help you achieve the perfect face, skin and body. It has got the best doctors on board the panel and two of the top doctors of India, Dr. Shome and Dr. Rinky personally take care of every case. If you have visited several doctors in the past for getting treatment of skin, face and hair but to no avail, you must come visit the top doctors of India who are at Plastic Surgery Mumbai. Plastic surgery Mumbai provides reconstructive, oculoplastic, cosmetic and various other non surgical procedures in India. They have the best equipment in India and they welcome patients to Mumbai from the rest of India who are looking for the perfect solution to their problems. Some of the best doctors of India together work on each patient’s needs at plastic surgery Mumbai. All these doctors are super specialists and have years of experience in their specialty.

If you are confused between choosing a hospital in India and The Esthetic Clinics then you must understand the basic difference between the operation modalities of both. Most hospitals in India work on corporate policy which aims at making money rather than providing complete treatment. At The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, the best surgeons are constantly working to ensure that no patient is stressed with the burden of unnecessary treatment. At The Esthetic Clinics, each and every patient case is considered to be unique and is dealt with accordingly.

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Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma

This is a very aggressive skin cancer, grows very slowly and is more commonly found in the  elderly population. The disease originates in the Meibomian gland, glands of Zeis, Sebaceous glands of the eyebrowscaruncle.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma is one of the many forms of skin cancer which starts in the basal cells—those cells that create new skin cells to replace the old ones. This skin cancer most of the time manifests as a waxy bump.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma is a type of cancer of the skin.  If detected early, this type of cancer does not cause much threat. Serious complications can result if squamous cell carcinoma is not diagnosed or treated early.


The face-lift (rhytidectomy or facelifts or facelifting treatment or face lift surgery) is a cosmetic surgery treatment procedure, that causes the face to look much younger.

Botox and Fillers

Botox is one of the wonders of modern medicine, when used correctly and in the right hands. It is truly almost a painless Facial Plastic Surgeon India


Rhinoplasty surgery or nose job or nasal reshaping surgery or Nose Correction Surgery is the reconstructive plastic surgery done for nasal refinement or nose reshaping.

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