Pan facial fractures are simultaneous fractures that affect the entire face. When a patient suffers from pan facial fractures, the upper third, the lower third and the mandible are all fractured at the same time. The word ‘pan’ means all, therefore pan facial fracture suggests a type of fracture which affects the facial bones in a very complex manner. Due to the complicated nature of pan facial fractures, the reconstructive treatment of the face is a very challenging task. Because of the pan facial fractures the anchoring points of facial bones are lost, because of which the treatment requires the expertise of the best facial surgeon. In most cases, pan facial fractures are caused due to high intensity automobile crashes and GSWs or gunshot wounds directed towards the face. Pan facial fractures involve all facial structures such as the naso-orbito-ethmoid bone, Zygomaticomaxillary complex, the mandible and the maxilla. Pan facial fractures are all inclusive fractures of the face. When pan facial fractures occur there is major damage to the soft tissues of the facial structure as well. The treatment of the pan facial fractures should be done as soon as possible, otherwise, the facial structures could retain the deformity and the facial bones could lose their symmetry forever.

Since pan facial fractures cause multiple fractures of the facial bones at the same time, one definition cannot cover all aspects of pan facial fractures. Because of the nature of the pan facial fractures, every surgeon may approach the treatment of pan facial fractures differently. Broadly, before the treatment, the diagnosis may be done based on the location of pan facial fractures which include:-

  • Fractures at multiple points on the facial structure.
  • Isolating the facial fractures which affect the three different thirds of the facial structure.
  • Fractures which run across midline of the face.

Since most pan facial fractures are caused very high impact trauma to the facial structure, in most cases there are other injuries to other body parts also that occur with pan facial fractures.

 How are pan facial fractures treated in India:-

 The first step of treatment for pan facial fractures is to ensure that the patient is able to breathe and that the airway is not blocked due to fractured bones. One of the top possibilities with pan facial fractures is the obstruction of the airway that may occur immediately after the fracture or a bit later. Because of pan facial fractures, the patient may lose consciousness and swallow blood, broken teeth and foreign debris. So, for the treatment, most patients in India are intubated for clearing the airway after pan facial fractures. After pan facial fractures, the tissues inside the mouth can swell which still can cause problem s in breathing, therefore for the treatment; it is ensured that the airway is kept cleared. So, the treatment by intubations is at the top of the list in the treatment plan for pan facial fractures.

The top aim of the treatment of pan facial fractures in India is the restoration of all the facial features as they appear normally in three dimensions. More advanced and the best diagnostic tools are available in India which make it possible to see each and every injury clearly which facilitates the treatment.

After the pan facial fractures are fixed, cosmetic reconstructive treatment becomes mandatory to restore the facial aesthetics. In India, reconstructive surgery should be performed only by the best surgeon at the top hospital or clinic because the nature of pan facial fractures is very complex. Only the best surgeon in India can have the top skills to perform the reconstructive treatment. One of the top facial plastic surgeon in Mumbai, India is Dr. Debraj Shome. According to Dr. Shome in Mumbai, the reconstructive treatment is very difficult as all the bones are nearly fractured and fixed again. This make restoration of the face very difficult and it requires the best treatment. In India, many hospitals still do not have maxillofacial panel which can perform the reconstruction. Dr. Shome has performed many such surgeries in Mumbai at his clinic and at various other hospitals in India. Talking about pan facial fractures from his Mumbai clinic, he says that in most cases two to three surgeries are required. Most cases of pan facial fractures in India are because of car crashes, though incidences of violence in India also contribute a lot to the number of pan facial fractures. At The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, he performs the reconstruction after ensuring that the function of the face is not compromised. He says that the standard of reconstruction is still not up to the mark in many hospitals in India as many patients are referred to him to Mumbai for the same. He has performed numerous surgeries in Mumbai on the patients who come for facial reconstruction from all over India. His clinic in Mumbai is equipped with the latest technology with which the aesthetics of the face can be restored after the treatment in Mumbai. Most patients that come to him to Mumbai have suffered from severe trauma which makes the reconstruction very difficult. But Dr. Shome and The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai are famous for creating miracles. Mumbai is now synonymous with best reconstruction surgeries, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Shome who is one of the best plastic surgeons in India. Any type of reconstruction that may be needed is performed in India only by Dr. Shome at his clinic in Mumbai. After suffering from pan facial structures, the best option would be to get treatment by Dr. Shome in Mumbai at his clinic which has several branches in Mumbai.

About Dr. Debraj Shome

Dr. Debraj Shome- Facial Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Dr. Debraj Shome – Founder, The Esthetic Clinics, is a top facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Shome is currently a Consultant at the best Mumbai hospitals like Saifee Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Nanavati Hospital & Apollo Spectra Hospital in Mumbai, India. He has 40+ research papers in the best international journals, numerous presentations at conferences & many awards such as “Best Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai”, “Best Plastic Surgeon in India”, Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India”, “Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Mumbai”, “Breakthrough Innovator in Facial Plastic Surgery” etc. A celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Shome believes plastic, reconstructive & cosmetic face surgery can allow you to lead a more fulfilled life….Read more

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