India is now witnessing what can be very aptly termed as a ‘fitness boom’. More and more people in India, young and old alike want to look like a million bucks. It seems that people do not mind following military strict workout regimes and stricter diet plans to get that perfect body. Though, on a few people a combination of healthy eating habits and regular workout routine may show the best results, everybody else seems to be struggling to achieve the perfect body. The struggle is definitely real but the good news is that various cosmetic treatments are now available in India which can help in contouring and tightening your body. If strict dietary plans and intense workouts have not been able to help you with those last inches, then a body contouring and tightening treatment is the best solution for you.

What is principle behind localized reduction of fat by non surgical body contouring methods?

Adipocyte is a very crucial cell in our body which performs various functions like storage of energy, regulation of hormones and various endocrinological functions. The large amount of cytoplasm which is present in the adipocytes serves as a store house of triglycerides which are made up of fatty acids and glycerol. If we consume more calories than we are able to burn, the adipocytes start to bulk up. As adipocytes begin to grow in size, distortion of soft tissues takes place causing changes in the shape of body silhouette.

Body contouring by non- surgical methods involves transfer of transepidermal energy which causes localized augmentation of metabolic rate of fat cells which eventually decrease the amount of triglycerides from the cells which causes reduction in the fat of the body.

Most of the methods which are mentioned below do not kill the fat cells. HIFU systems or pulsed high voltage RF disable the fat cells by disrupting the adipocyte cell membrane and releasing the triglycerides in the cells. By all these methods, the fat cells are reduced in the body by the following methods:-

  • Thermal destruction of fat cells
  • Thermal augmentation of localized metabolism of fat cells
  • Cavitational destruction of fat cells
  • Permanent or temporary reduction of the cell membrane of adipocytes

Today, a number of non surgical body contouring and tightening treatments are available in India which are not only easy on the pocket but are totally non- invasive as well. Body contouring is known as body sculpting also. In body contouring treatment, the fat tissues are targeted under the skin which causes the body to become shapelier and also tightens the skin on top. Surgical methods are laden with inherent drawbacks which include pain, need for hospitalization, use of anesthesia and longer recovery periods. The standard lipectomy methods have now moved on from using power assisted liposuction to more RF (radiofrequency) and Ultrasound assisted methods which have several adjunctive benefits also. More people now are looking beyond the traditional SAL which is Suction Assisted Liposuction. Though it is still a very common surgery, more recent developments which include RFAL (RF assisted liposuction), LAL (laser assisted liposuction) and UAL (ultrasound assisted liposuction) are increasing in popularity. The advent of non-invasive technologies has opened a new world of possibilities for both plastic surgeons and eager patients.

Non-Invasive body contouring methods can be divided into various categories according to type of energy that is delivered to the skin tissues:-

  • Suction massage devices like Smoothshapes
  • RF energy devices like Accent and Thermage
  • Suction
  • HIFU devices like Sygmalift and Ultherapy
  • Cryolipolysis like Zeltiq Coolsculpting
  • LLL laser therapy like Zerona

The most common treatments that are performed for body contouring and tightening in India make the use of radiofrequency. The treatment for body contouring and skin tightening by radiofrequency is based on the principle of conversion of radiofrequency waves to heat inside the body. This heat dilutes the fat tissues under the skin resulting in slimmer body contours. Though it is one of the top methods used for body contouring and tightening in India, it has its limitations. The amount of energy transferred to the skin is controlled by the doctor therefore there is a scope of error in body contouring by radiofrequency. In India, many people have reported of getting burnt by radiofrequency body contouring treatments.

One of the more recent body contouring and tightening treatments in India makes use of High Intensity Focused ultrasound frequency. When ultrasounds waves are sent through deep tissue layers of the body, it causes the breakdown of the fat tissues. Also, with the use of HIFU skin tightening of the layer of skin at the top is also achieved.

Body contouring and tightening can also be achieved by laser treatment. Laser treatment has been used for a very long time in India and is used to treat the extra skin that may be present on a person’s body after drastic weight loss. Non- surgical body tightening treatment is the best solution for people who have some elasticity left in their skin. Also, laser skin tightening treatment cannot remove huge amounts of extra skin. However, it is the best solution for people who are scared of complicated surgical procedures for skin tightening. People opt for skin tightening treatment in addition to body contouring treatment. This gives an overall favorable outcome from the treatment. Skin tightening treatment can be done by intense pulsed laser, ultrasound or radiofrequency. The reason of popularity of skin tightening treatment is that it can be used in combination with body contouring treatment for treating the skin on the body and the face. Though the results from a non-surgical skin tightening treatment are not as dramatic as compared to surgical treatments, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. After body tightening treatment there is not much time taken for recovery. The body tightening treatment can be performed on anyone irrespective of the skin type.

Almost all types of top modern body contouring and tightening treatments are now available in India. And the credit for it goes to none other than Dr. Debraj Shome who established The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. The Esthetic Clinics chain in Mumbai comprises of several cosmetic clinics which are located in Mumbai. All the top cosmetic treatments including surgical and non- surgical treatments are performed at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. Body contouring and tightening is one of the most popular treatments that are carried out at The Esthetic Clinics. The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai have an array of different treatments which are used to perform body contouring and tightening. So, in Mumbai, at The Esthetic Clinics you will find everything from laser treatment to ultrasonic wave treatment. The treatment for body contouring and tightening that will be performed on you will be decided according to your requirements from the treatment. The Esthetic Clinics give a wide range of options for treatment for body contouring and tightening. Before you get your treatment for body contouring and skin tightening in Mumbai at The Esthetic Clinics, it is crucial to know some important things. Body contouring and tightening treatment cannot be used a replacement for normal weight loss procedure. Non surgical body contouring and tightening is done for the extra fat and skin that remains after weight loss. At The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, many people come with an idea that body contouring and tightening treatment will be the perfect solution for their weight issues which is not true at all.

Urban cities like Mumbai are now becoming popular destinations for getting such treatments in India. As the popularity of the treatment has grown, the misconceptions have also grown in India. If you want to get body contouring and tightening treatment in Mumbai, the best option would be The Esthetic Clinics. In Mumbai you will get the most comprehensive treatment and services only at The Esthetic Clinics. The Esthetic Clinics is chain of cosmetic clinics in Mumbai and it is headed by the best facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon of India. If you come to Mumbai for your treatment, you will be guaranteed the best contouring and tightening of your body because The Esthetic Clinics are the best in India. Mumbai is going crazy about the quality of treatments provided at The Esthetic Clinics but do not lose hope if you are not from Mumbai. You can come from any part of India and take the top treatment at The Esthetic Clinics.

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