Hair transplant is one of the most popular techniques utilized in India for hair restoration treatment. There are various methods by which hair transplant is done and one such method is follicular unit extraction method for hair transplant. Many people confuse follicular unit extraction (FUE) with follicular unit transplant (FUT). But the treatment method of FUE and FUT are completely different. Today, we will discuss about hair restoration treatment using follicular unit extraction which is becoming increasingly popular in India.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

In this treatment method, small follicular units are extracted from the donor areas on the scalp of the patient where the density of hair is reasonable. The minute groups of hair that are extracted are known as follicular unit grafts. These grafts then are placed on the area which requires the hair restoration.

What is basic principle of Follicular Unit Extraction?

The area where the arrector pili muscle is attached to hair follicle is the tightest. The arrector pili muscles are tiny muscles which are joined to hair follicles. We get ‘goosebumps’ when these small muscles contract. Once this joint between the arrector pili muscle and hair follicle is loosened, a single complete follicular unit can be extracted. Micro-punches are utilized to extract the follicular units because a follicular unit is smallest in size at the tip. Follicular Unit Extraction follows a blind approach as the hair bulge is not visible from the surface. The procedure can take time as a lot of patience is required to extract out each follicular unit. While performing the extraction, the angle of extraction is also taken care of. The angle of hair which emerges from the surface is different from the angle of the follicle in the dermis. Therefore, it is crucial that the extraction is done in the follicle direction rather than the hair direction. The choice of the micro-punch which is used is also critical. It should be big enough to follicular unit completely but small enough to keep the wound minimal. For the purpose of extraction, the expertise of the doctor is also very important. Excess hand twist during the extraction may cause damage to scalp and unsuccessful extraction. Depending upon the technique which is being used, the type of punch used for extraction can change. While a two step technique may use a sharp punch, a three step technique makes use of a blunt punch. These two techniques are explained below.

Different methods for extracting the grafts:-

  • Two step technique: – This technique uses a sharp punch which is aligned with the direction of the hair shaft which is the first step. In the second part of the procedure, traction is applied with the help of forceps which extracts the follicle unit from the skin.
  • Three step technique: – In this method, firstly a sharp punch is used to mildly score the skin. After that, a blunt punch is used for dissecting the follicular unit and lastly the follicular units are taken out with the help of forceps. This procedure is slower as compared to two step technique, however, it is considered to be more successful for the process of extraction.

Difference between Follicular Unit extraction (FUE) and follicular Unit transplant (FUT)

To understand follicular unit extraction better let us understand the difference between these similar sounding treatments. Medically speaking, follicular unit extraction can be understood to be a type of follicular unit transplant treatment. In follicular unit transplant, a strip of tissues with the follicular units is taken from the scalp and then the follicular units are microscopically extracted. In follicular extraction method, instead of a strip of tissues, follicular units or groupings are directly taken from the scalp. So as we compare these two treatment methods, the only real difference is between the extraction methods of the tissues from the scalp. And, of course a FUE has NO scar, as opposed to the FUT, which can leave an unsightly scalp scar!

How is the follicular unit extraction treatment carried out?

This treatment makes use of a very tiny punch the size of which is less than 1 mm. With the help of this punch, several of these follicular grouping are taken from the scalp depending upon the requirement of the treatment. To prep the patient for the treatment, the hair of the patient is trimmed so that the doctor is able to see the donor area in a better manner for the purpose of follicular extraction. Generally the donor sites for the follicular unit extraction are at the back of the scalp. The treatment process generally begins with inspecting the area around the follicular unit to be extracted and scoring it with a punch. Then the dull extraction punch is used to prick the tissue which surrounds the targeted follicular units. The reason why a dull punch is used for extraction of follicular units is because as mentioned above the direction of hair on the surface and the direction of follicular unit underneath are different. Using a sharp punch for going into the tissue could result in damage of the donor follicular units which will make it unusable. For placing the follicular grafts on the scalp special tools may be used or it may be done with the help of forceps. Post the extraction the follicular units may be grafted altogether in one go or one by one as they are extracted from the donor site. The follicular units after the extraction are kept in a special type of solution till they are grafted so that they remain useable for the treatment.

What happens after the extraction?

Once the follicular unit extraction treatment is completed, the donor site of the patients’ scalp will have multiple tiny holes that shrink in size as they progressively heal over the weeks. Even with short hair these tiny extraction sites from which extraction was done are hardly visible.

Follicular Unit Treatment by Dr. Debraj in India:-

With increasing awareness about various hair restoration procedures in India, people now want the best technologies to be available in India easily. Dr. Shome who is one of the best cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons of India, is based in Mumbai and is known not only in India but all over the world about his endeavors in getting the newest treatment methods to India. Follicular unit extraction is one of the most popular and the best treatments for hair restoration that are being performed at his Mumbai clinics. The best part about this procedure is that the recovery time is super quick. In coastal areas like Mumbai and Chennai, people face a lot of issues with hair because of the humidity of air. Hair loss is quite common for residents of cities like Mumbai also because of the very high levels of pollution. More and more people of Mumbai and other parts of India now are going to Mumbai to get the best treatment for their hair restoration. FUE may be available in other cities also, but the procedural techniques that have been improved along with guaranteed best outcome can be only provided by Dr. Shome in Mumbai. Some of the best hospitals in Mumbai regularly invite Dr. Shome for performing various hair restoration treatments solely because of the skills and precision for which he is famous in not only in Mumbai but all over India. His steady hands perform the treatment in the best precise manner possible. Efforts of Dr. Shome and his incredible panel of cosmetic experts in Mumbai have ensured that all the patients coming from Mumbai and far corners of India get the best treatment possible. His work on patients who were given treatment by follicular unit extraction has been praised all over India and Mumbai is now witnessing a steady surge in the number of patients who want to get treatment done only by Dr. Shome. The climate and the pollution levels in India and especially metros like Delhi and Mumbai is making people age faster than they should. Premature baldness is now very common in India and therefore more and more hair clinics are coming up in big cities like Mumbai where people want to get the best treatment for them. So if you are thinking for getting follicular unit extraction or want to know if extraction process would be a good treatment for you, come to Mumbai and Dr. Shome will give you the best consultation which cannot be available anywhere else in India.

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