A person experiencing hair loss may tend to lose a whole lot of hair despite taking very good care of it. There could be a number of reasons behind the extreme hair loss that may be occurring. The reasons could be anything from lifestyle diseases to some ingredient in shampoos, oils or conditioners that a person may be using. If you are suffering from hair fall and have tried every hair growth treatment possible then you are at right place. We are here to help you know more about some of the best hair growth treatments that are available in India. There are various hair growth treatments that are available in India today and which surely help in the re- growth of hair.Best Hair Treatment in Mumbai by Dr Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics

Anatomy of hair:-

The length of the hair is known as hair shaft and the end which is inside our scalp is the root. The outermost protective layer of hair is known as cuticle, the middle layer is known as the cortex and the central core is known as medulla. The root is fixed inside a small sac inside the scalp which is known as a hair follicle. Hair follicle is the structure in which the hair grows. The hair gets its nourishment through an artery in papilla which is inside the follicle. Hair growth occurs due to the formation of new cells in the dermal papilla. They keep travelling upward to the surface as new cells are manufactured underneath them. Baldness occurs when papilla becomes dysfunctional and no new cells are manufactured. Most non surgical hair treatments are aimed to reactivate the dermal papilla so that new hair cells are manufactured.

How does the hair growth take place on our scalp?

The growth of hair on our scalp begins in the hair follicle. The entire growth phase of hair can be divided in to three phases. In these three phases, the hair grows thereafter enters the transition phase followed by the stagnant phase of the entire process. The growth phase of the hair is known as Anagen, the transition phase is Catagen and the resting phase is known as Telogen.

This process forms a protein which is crucial for hair growth which is known as Keratin. Many shampoos and conditioners today claim to contain Keratin which helps in boosting the hair growth. It is normal to lose about 100 strands of hair everyday so the problem exists only if you are losing more hair than this.

Non surgical hair growth treatments available in India:-

If you visit a doctor to take treatment for the problem of hair loss the doctor will first do a complete examination of your scalp. Sometime you may not have to undergo hair growth treatment and the problem could be addresses by hair growth supplements. If your problem needs non surgical hair growth treatment, you may undergo one of the following treatments:-

  • Minoxidil: – One of the most widely used over-the-counter medication which is used to treat hair loss in males and females. A drug may positively affect the hair growth by either thickening the hair fiber, change the hair cycle by either lengthening the anagen phase or shortening the telogen phase or by augmenting linear growth of hair. Minoxidil primarily positively affects the hair cycle while it has a small impact on thickness of hair also.
  • Mesotherapy for hair growth: – This treatment for hair growth involves injecting hair growth medication through the layers of scalp. It is completely painless treatment. For completing the hair growth treatment a total of up to four sessions may be required. The word ‘Mesotherapy’ refers to treatment of mesoderm. This therapy involves direct injection of medicine in the affected area so the residual effects of IV or oral medication can be avoided. The mixture for Mesotherapy injections can be composed of various ingredients and in treatment for hair loss, Minoxidil, biotin, Finasteride or Dutasteride may be used. There is no standard treatment or protocol and the mixture and the treatment depends upon a patient’s case and experience of the doctor. The injected mixture acts as a vasodilator which restores the circulation in the injected area.
  • QR678 injections: – This treatment involves injecting QR678 growth factor into the hair follicles of the patient. This is one of the revolutionary treatments with a US patent which is now available in India. It was invented by the prominent figures in world of cosmetic medicine, Dr.Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor. A growth factor can induce a cell life cycle and it is a naturally present substance in humans. It is protein which is fundamentally required for cell development. The hair growth factors which are present in the roots of our hair trigger the development of the new cells. These signals are received by the stem tissues which then grow to form the hair shaft. QR678 mixture induces these cell cycles by triggering the cell development because it contains all the essential growth factors which cause the hair growth.
  • Hair transplant treatment: – This treatment requires some preparation before the treatment is started. For a hair transplant treatment, the follicles from the scalp of patient need to be harvested which can be done by procedures known as FUE or FUT. This method for hair growth may require the patient to exercise precautions for about a fortnight.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: – As the name suggests, Platelet Rich Plasma is plasma which has much higher number of platelets than what are found normally in blood. There are growth factors which are present in plasma which helps in regeneration of cells in our body. Platelets also help in clotting of blood at the site of a wound thereby promoting healing. In this therapy, blood from patient’s own body is used for promoting hair growth. When Platelet rich Plasma is injected into the damaged hair follicles, the natural healing mechanism of hair follicles is accelerated which results in hair growth. Topical anesthesia is used and using micro-needle roller which has titanium needles, the concentrated platelet mixture is injected into the scalp.

Why you should choose Dr. Debraj Shome for the best hair growth treatment?

One of the things that only the best doctors for hair growth treatment understand is the amount of distress hair loss can cause to a patient. Patients need their doctors to understand their problem from their point of view and this is something sometimes even the top doctors in India fail to do. But if you are looking for someone to provide care for your hair along with the best treatment for hair growth possible, come and visit the best center for hair growth treatments in India which are run by none other than Dr. Debraj Shome. His clinics in Mumbai are not only famous for the best and the most modern hair growth treatments, they are also known for providing their patients with best health care in Mumbai. All the clinics of Dr. Shome in Mumbai have all the best facilities and all the modern equipment. No surprise that his clinics are always amongst the top rated, not only in Mumbai but all over India. All his clinics in Mumbai have a 100 % success rate in the hair growth treatment of the patients and this makes the Mumbai clinics of Dr. Shome the best in India. Another reason why Dr. Shome is the right person for the hair growth treatment in Mumbai is the fact that he along with his colleague Dr. Rinky has invented a miraculous hair growth factor known as the QR678. What could be better than getting treatment for hair growth from the doctor who invented the treatment himself, in India? Also, for those who are unaware, QR678 has been awarded an US patent which is a remarkable achievement for the doctors in India.

Hair Treatment in India at Affordable Cost by Dr Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics

We are sure that hair treatment for hair growth must be available at various clinics in all over Mumbai and other parts of India as well. But inarguably the top treatment can only be done by Dr. Shome in Mumbai where he has been performing the treatment on thousands of patients from all over India. His long list of patients includes not only the people of Mumbai but also the people who do not mind travelling from rest of India for getting the top services and the best treatment from the Dr. Debraj Shome himself. For the first time ever in India, there is a hair growth treatment which is not only super effective but is completely safe as there is no possibility of any reactions from it. Dr. Shome, in Mumbai, ensures that special attention is given to all the patients who come to them with a lot of hope from various parts of India. Mumbai now features at the top in the list of places where one can go for best hair growth treatments. The people of Mumbai cannot stop raving about this miracle maker and the happy faces of people of Mumbai are a proof of the success of Dr. Shome. If you are losing hair then come to Mumbai. We will ensure that you go back from Mumbai with not only a big smile but also your hair.

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