Genioplasty is the medical term for the cosmetic surgery and treatment of the chin. The shape of our chin has a deep impact on how our face looks and the overall contours of the face can be modified and enhanced with Genioplasty. Genioplasty or chin augmentation surgery can be done to correct the protruding chin, a malpositioned chin or a receding chin with the help of surgery. Genioplasty can refer to both enhancement surgery of the chin and chin reduction surgery. The chin enhancement surgery can be done with the help of chin implants. Genioplasty provides better proportions to the facial features.

Very often, Genioplasty is not performed in isolation. So, a Genioplasty treatment may be planned in addition to surgery of the jaw or the mandible which gives much better overall results than just a simple chin augmentation surgery. A Genioplasty or chin surgery is done to correct the profile of the person. The chin implant surgery may be done with the help artificial implants or the surgery may be done using the bones from the patient’s own body.

Objectives of Genioplasty:-

  • Chin surgery by implants or corrective surgery of chin is done to give more balance to the face.
  • The chin surgery or Genioplasty is also done to improve the height of the facial contours which give the face a very sleek vertical dimension.

Various aspects of Genioplasty:-

Genioplasty or chin surgery is an all- inclusive term that is used for the surgery which may be done to correct the protrusion of the chin or the receding chin. So, there are a number of treatments that may be done by Genioplasty:-

  • Corrective surgery for protruding chin.
  • Corrective surgery for receding chin.
  • In cases where the chin deformity is extreme, another type of Genioplasty which is known as sliding Genioplasty may be performed. Complicated chin deformities may be caused due to trauma, congenital defects or infectious diseases.

Basic treatment principles of Genioplasty:-

Depending upon the expected outcome form the treatment, the Genioplasty may be performed vertically or horizontally. Some treatment plans may require both vertical and horizontal approaches. If the chin protrude outwards and corrective surgery is required for decreasing the protrusion, then horizontal Genioplasty is done. Vertical Genioplasty is done in the cases where the length of the chin is an issue and needs treatment. Sometimes, post the surgery, to ensure that the modified bones structures stay in place, the chin may be supported with titanium screws and plates after the treatment.

Types of surgeries available for chin augmentation or reduction:-

Today, there are two methods which are commonly used for handling issues of the chin; sliding Genioplasty and Alloplastic chin implants. The problem of recessed chin, in absence of any skeletal deformity, could be present due to microgenia, hypoplastic mentum, retrogenia and horizontal mandibular hypoplasia. Before the treatment begins, the profiling of the patient is done in which the face is analyzed in thirds. With the help of advanced diagnostic tools the structure of the skull and the dental occlusion is also taken into consideration. In case any skeletal abnormality is found, an Orthognathic surgery may be required. If no functional issue is present, then a sliding Genioplasty or Alloplastic chin implants may be considered. Alloplastic chin implants are mostly used in cases where there is only mild microgenia which is to be treated. A sliding Genioplasty can be performed three dimensionally and is suitable for more complicated deformities. This makes a sliding Genioplasty a more versatile surgical option.

Scenario of Genioplasty treatment in India:-

In India, until a few years back, Genioplasty was not a very commonly performed treatment. One of the top reasons for this was that people were scared of implant surgeries and chin was not a facial feature to which much attention was paid. But, in India today, people want the best overall look of their face and for this Genioplasty is becoming one of the top surgeries that are included in the cosmetic treatment. Genioplasty in India is performed under general anesthesia. To ensure that best results are obtained from the Genioplasty treatment, generally the incisions are made either inside the lips or under the chin. This approach makes the scar nearly invisible and that is the one of the top requirements from any cosmetic treatment. In India, Genioplasty is considered to be an out- patient procedure except in the cases where Genioplasty is being performed for serious complications. After the procedure, the top hospitals in India, generally prescribe a diet to the patient that needs to be followed after the treatment. Mild pain may be experienced after the Genioplasty but that is completely normal. To ensure best results after the surgery, in India, patients are made to wear elastic chin bands which ensure the best results from the treatment. The full recovery period recommended by best hospitals in India is around a month.

Genioplasty is a common treatment in India and Dr. Shome performs many such surgeries in Mumbai. He says that more people from urban areas like want their faces to look like top models and actors. This means that people from Mumbai, Delhi etc. do not mind going to the top cosmetic hospitals in India to get the best facial surgery. According to Dr. Shome, his clinics in Mumbai, handle all kinds of patients from various corners of India. There are people who come to Mumbai because of the actual need for it and there are some people who come to Mumbai even when they are not the right candidates for this surgery. His advice to all the people is that before coming to Mumbai they should really think about their decision to get the surgery in Mumbai or anywhere else in India. The expectation about the outcome of the surgery can have a psychological impact if it is not met in the best way possible. Many of his patients who come to Mumbai to get Genioplasty are doing it because of influence of other people. Dr. Shome, before performing any surgery in Mumbai, always counsels his patients at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, and openly communicates with his patients who are from various far corners of India. Because of change in perception about body image in India, the people are growing to want best quick fixes for all their problems from doctors in India. Dr. Shome says many of his patients who take the pains of coming to him for treatment in Mumbai from farthest cities of India, do not understand that every procedure has its limitations. Dr. Shome and his clinics in Mumbai are famous for ensuring that all their patients who are looking for best treatment in India are not disappointed and neither are they made to undergo any unnecessary surgery. If you want an honest opinion about your Genioplasty visit Dr. Shome in Mumbai at The Esthetic Clinics which has several branches in Mumbai. For best results and top facilities, The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai can be the ideal choice.

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