Human anatomy is a marvelous creation of nature. A face that looks beautiful on the outside is made up of complicated network of bones, nerves, and muscles. Extreme care should be taken to protect the face from trauma because any facial trauma can cause complications. The most common feature of the face that is affected by trauma is the orbital area. Direct trauma to the orbital area can cause multiple problems.

The orbital area is comprised of seven different bones and any trauma to the orbital area can cause one or more of these bones to fracture. For evaluation of the trauma of the face, generally a full scope CT scan is the best approach to begin the treatment. The wall that acts as the separator between the air cavity and the orbit is called the medial wall. If the medial wall gets affected by trauma it can cause the muscle to get entrapped in the fractured bone and may cause double vision and pain in moving the eyes. Such orbital trauma cases require immediate care and treatment as the vision of the patient gets endangered. The bony wall that separates the maxillary sinus and the orbit is known as the orbital floor. If the orbital trauma is great enough to cause fracture of more than half of the orbital floor, then the patient should be taken for emergency trauma care and surgery because the eye may get pushed in to the fracture. Treatment and surgery will also be required in cases where more than a third of the orbital floor is cracked along with the medial wall. Extreme care needs to be taken in the treatment and surgery in orbital trauma because the numbness of the face may increase after the surgery has been performed. All cases of orbital trauma should only be handled by the best and most qualified super- specialist in India.

Orbital fractures of the lateral orbital wall need high intensity impact to occur. Generally, orbital trauma to this part also fractures the ZMC complex. The treatment and surgery of orbital wall is aimed at realigning the broken orbital bones and also reduce the facial tenderness. Orbital trauma may lead to problems in opening the mouth which also calls for immediate care and surgery. The change in the shape of the cheeks is also an indication for surgery.

If the trauma has caused the bones of the orbital rim to get displaced, surgery is generally performed to ensure that there is no loss in orbital volume. Trauma to the roof of the orbit can cause the roof to break but it occurs mostly in children. Care is taken while the treatment is going on but in most cases surgery is not performed for orbital roof repair. But quick care has to be taken of trauma if the eye muscles are trapped in the bones or the patients is experiencing decrease in the vision. Treatment by surgery can be put on hold by the health care providers if the globe is severely damaged.

Orbital trauma care in India:-

Mostly all cases orbital trauma can be repaired by quick treatment and good care. Generally, the treatment begins with stabilization of the orbital trauma followed by orbital surgery for which the incisions may be made inside the lid and on the corner of the eye. Treatment of the fractures of the orbital trauma may require an implant surgery. Though implant surgery is quite safe, in few cases a second orbital surgery may be required for removing the implants in case post- trauma lack of care causes complications.

It has been observed by some of the top doctors in India, that patients do not take the best care of the orbital trauma injuries after their surgery. Lack of post- trauma care may lead to very major complications. After the surgery, there can be bleeding and infection at the site of the orbital trauma. The surgery is performed with extreme care and precaution because if the surgery is not executed well vision loss may occur.

Dr. Shome, who is the best oculoplastic surgeon in Mumbai, opines about the need of more awareness about post- trauma care in patients. He has come across many patients in his practice in Mumbai, who despite getting the best treatment and surgery for trauma do not take good care post the treatment. This leads to one of the top problems faced in such cases in India and that is infection. As per Dr. Shome, only if proper care after the orbital trauma surgery is taken the results of the trauma surgery will be the best. In Mumbai, he performs orbital reconstruction surgery after trauma but the state of awareness in patients in India is pitiful. Many patients of India take post- surgery care very lightly and forget that the treatment plan comprised of pre- surgery as well as post- surgery instructions in India. Surgeons in India are trained to make comprehensive treatment plans for surgery but patients who come to Mumbai to get the best treatment often do not follow the instructions of the surgeons. To ensure that all his patients in Mumbai take good care after surgery, Dr. Shome takes personal interest in the after- care. Infact, his patients in Mumbai are very pleased with his approach towards surgery for which he formulates best treatment plans in India.

Dr. Shome has a multi- faceted personality. In addition to being one of the best oculoplastic surgeons in India, he has a very good understanding of the psyche of his patients who visit him in Mumbai. The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai are famous for not only the best treatments but also the connect he shares with all his patients who feel dejected after failed treatments in other clinics of India. You may feel that coming to Mumbai for a treatment that may be available elsewhere in India is not worth it. But don’t you feel that you and your family deserve the best? Dr. Shome’s top standards of treatment in Mumbai are completely unbeaten by any other cosmetic clinic in India. The top objective of the modus operandi of The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai is to make the patients healthy and happy.

Care after any type of surgery dictates the outcome to a very large extent. So be assured to get the top care after your surgery in Mumbai at the clinics of Dr. Shome. We can guarantee that you will not get this type of treatment anywhere else in India. Dr. Debraj Shome emphasizes upon the quality of the treatment he provides in Mumbai. For top class experience, book an appointment in Mumbai to visit Dr. Shome. He is available at all his branches in Mumbai on different days so that he can help patients from all over India as per their convenience.

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