Follicular Unit Transplant treatment which is also known as the FUT treatment is a hair Transplant technique. In Follicular hair Transplant treatment, Follicular Unit of hair is taken from the patient’s scalp and transplanted on the areas which are bald.

What is a Follicular Unit?

To understand Follicular Unit Transplant treatment in a better manner, we have to understand hair follicles. Our hair does not grow individually on our scalp but in group of 2- 4 hair strands which make up a Follicular Unit. The Follicular Unit not only consists of hair but also nerves, oil producing glands, small muscles etc. Follicular Unit Transplant treatment involves Follicular Units to be grafted on the patient’s scalp. And this treatment gives the patient a very fuller looking hair line.

What is Follicular Hair Transplant?

The Follicular hair Transplant treatment is done keeping in mind the hair loss pattern of the patient. Follicular Unit Transplant is considered to be the best treatment method for hair Transplant because no unnecessary hair is taken from the scalp. Only the best Follicular Units which will give the best results are taken from the donor area. Follicular Unit transplant gives a very consistent looking result because the Follicular Units transplanted during the treatment look the same as the rest of the hair. The pattern in which the Follicular Units are transplanted ensures that overall best looking results are achieved. Also, Follicular Unit Transplant treatment is done by using multiple grafts which gives the doctor more scope to adjust the end results. Also, the end results in a Follicular Unit Transplant treatment are in the hands of the doctor performing the treatment because he can make the best estimate about how many Follicular Units will be required.

To ensure that best natural looking results are obtained from the Follicular Unit Transplant treatment, the scalp is handled delicately during the treatment so no unnecessary damage is done to the scalp or the tissues. Therefore the Follicular Units are taken from the scalp, retrieved carefully from the extra tissue and then transplanted at the recipient site. With the help of micro- dissection, the unnecessary tissues around the Follicular Units can be eliminated easily, which further reduces the size of the Follicular Units for the Transplant treatment. Since the size of the Follicular Units is reduced for the Transplant treatment, the resulting incisions are also very small. Therefore in Follicular Unit Transplant treatment, the results are best and generally no change in the pigmentation and the shape of the scalp is observed. Also after the Follicular Unit Transplant treatment, there are no visible scars. To keep the Follicular Units healthy and hydrated for the Transplant treatment, they are kept in a special solution after they are harvested. The Follicular Unit Transplant treatment is considered to be one of the best treatments because the Follicular Units are placed very close to each other on the scalp. This treatment gives a very natural hairline and also very tiny incisions are required for Follicular Unit Transplant treatment.

How is a Follicular Unit Transplant performed:-

Generally, the hair from the donor area is trimmed to a very short length and the area is treated with antiseptic solution. The harvesting of follicular units can be done by two methods; Follicular Unit Extraction or Strip Harvesting which is also known as FUSS or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery. One important thing to take care while using either of the methods is to retain the viability of the extracted unit. If the follicular unit is extracted without any distortion it will ensure that it yields optimal results in the new transplanted area. The chances of survivability of the follicular unit also depend upon the method of extraction. Only completely intact follicles should be used for transplant. To minimize any transection during extraction, the incisions are not perpendicular but rather at an angle to the hair follicle irrespective of which method is used.

What are the advantages of FUSS method:-

  • More grafts can be harvested quickly.
  • Since the dissection of the follicle is manual, more protective tissue can be included around the transplanted hair.
  • The chances of follicle transection are very low.
  • If the patient undergoes multiple sessions of hair transplant, the first scar can always be used for future strip harvesting. This ensures that only a single scar remains.
  • This procedure leads to more optimal shape of the micro-graft after the dissection.

Advantages of follicular Unit Extraction: –

  • This method does not lead to a linear scar like the FUSS method. The scars are smaller and therefore the patients do not need to grow out their hair.
  • The recovery time is shorter.

Disadvantages of Follicular Unit Extraction:-

  • So that the donor area does not look uniformly alopecic, the follicles are harvested with two or three completely intact hair follicles between them. This may lead to harvesting of a larger donor area than what is considered to be safe.
  • This method leads to higher chances of the punctuate scars becoming visible.
  • More time consuming as compared to FUSS or FUT method.

 Recipient site for the grafting the follicles: –

For most natural looking result and to prevent any damage to the grafts, the angle and direction of the hair follicle should be monitored. As a standard, about 30 follicles are grafted in a square centimeter. If the number of grafts is increased, the hair grafts may not be able to survive as the blood supply will become restricted. For grafting the follicular units in the recipient size two techniques namely ‘stick and place’ or ‘spread and place’ can be used. The former virtually eliminates the time between preparing the recipient site and the grating of the follicle. The latter gives better mechanical handling of the unit as the graft is transplanted into a smaller area.


Follicular Unit Transplant treatment in India:-

Follicular Unit Transplant treatment is one of the top choices of people who are suffering from hair loss. In India rising levels of pollution as well as increase in number of lifestyle disorders has led many people to lose their hair and they have tried Follicular Unit Transplant treatment. At the Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, India, which is a chain of top cosmetic clinics with multiple branches, there are hundreds of patients who want to know more about Follicular Unit Transplant treatment. There are several reasons why not only people from Mumbai but all over India consider this treatment to be the best for hair Transplant. One of the top reasons is minimum invasion of the scalp during the transplant. At The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, more and more people now come to restore their hairlines. The best part about Follicular Unit Transplant is that it does not cause any disruption in the lifestyle of the patient. So the people of Mumbai and other metros who have hectic work schedules can easily move back to work post the treatment. It is one of the top treatments performed by Dr. Shome and the outcome is the best amongst other grafting techniques. People of India today do not shy away from exploring their options for hair Transplant and FUT has emerged to be one of the top choices. Also, even though other transplant treatments may be available not only in Mumbai but all over India, FUT is still affordable and gives favorable results. In Mumbai, various hair clinics are mushrooming every year, but only the best clinic should perform FUT on your hair. In India, developments in the cosmetic medicine have led to improvements in the FUT technique also. In India, now better machines and techniques are available for performing this transplant treatment. The best place to get FUT is Mumbai where Dr. Shome and his team perform this treatment with the best equipment. Though you may get cheaper treatment options elsewhere in India, but the question is of your hair and you surely don’t want to compromise. Mumbai has seen developments by leaps and bound in cosmetic medicine and it is all thanks to the efforts of Dr. Shome in Mumbai. His experience benefits not only the people of Mumbai but rest of India as well. He is the top facial surgeon and his professional base is Mumbai. He keeps travelling all over India to treat the patients and provide his wisdom in various medical conferences. In Mumbai, many celebrities also have taken treatment from him and the list of the patients at his Mumbai clinics is very long. India will surely benefit from the knowledge of Dr. Shome as he has plans of expanding his chain of clinics to the rest of the states apart from Mumbai. If you are a citizen of India, then you must visit Dr. Shome for your FUT treatment. Even if you are not a citizen of India, you can always take consultation from him. Dr. Shome also has treated a lot of patients from countries other than India and his experience is unmatched by any other surgeon in Mumbai.

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